Playgroup Photography formNurseries and Playgroups

Beautiful Children’s portraits and 20% commission for your Nursery or Playgroup.

As specialist children’s photographers we bring our skill and fun to nurseries and playgroups giving you a professional service that is different to most other ‘schools photographers.’. We are not schools photographers, we are children’s photographers who take photographs at nurseries and playgroups.

We take three different poses and produce a package of photographs which include one 8×6, two 6×4 and four 3×2 of each of the three poses. Giving a total package of three 8×6, six 6×4 and twelve 3×2. This is all done on a sale or return basis, and the option to buy the whole pack for only £35 or for those on a limited budget one photograph for £12.

All packs are delivered to you with the leaflet showing their options, payment envelopes and re order forms for you to hand out to your parents with the date to have payment or returns back to yourselves. When we come to collect the money and unwanted photographs we pay you your 20% commission there and then.

Great photos for your parents

Great fund raising for you