Nurseries and Playgroups

Professional Instant Photographs

Working with local nurseries, Play groups and Mother & toddler groups to offer affordable professional instant portraits and helping to raise funds.


How it works

  • We bring our portable studio to your group.
  • Free to set up – No cost to your organisation.
  • 8×6 professional photographs and packages.
  • View your photographs before you buy.
  • Printed and ready to take home on the day.
  • Affordable starting at £9 for your first print.
  • Complementary staff photographs.
  • Generous commission from all sales.
  • Enhanced DBS.

With over 30 years experience in producing beautiful children’s

portraits both in our studio and in nurseries and groups.

Great photos for your parents

Great fund raising for you

Call today on 01274690301 or 07584259103 to talk to us about

how we can help your nursery.