Bump and Newborn


Maternity and beautiful Newborn photography

What better way of celebrating this amazing time than by capturing this wonderful event forever with beautiful photographs.

Celebrate your bump, with a sensitive and relaxed photo session. Ideally maternity photographs are taken during the last month of your pregnancy. We are happy to include partners and other siblings to make these photographs for you.

Newborn photographs are best taken as early as possible, up to three weeks old but the sooner the better. We create a variety of beautiful portraits, capturing that very special time with your gorgeous newborn.

Each session includes one print with our compliments. Special offer packages will be available for you to purchase other images from your session and we can show you a variety of ways to display your photographs.

The session cost is only £39 or £19.50 with our half price voucher which includes your session and your first 7×5 photograph.


The details


  • Maternity session where we create beautiful images of your bump can include partners and children.
  • Long or knee length maxi dresses with a chunky necklaces photograph well. A maxi dress highlights that beautiful baby bump but can cover up any areas you feel are a “problem”.
  • We have found solid colours photograph best however if you have a pattern you love and you want to include your partner in the photos you want to be sure that you don’t  wear clashing patterns and colours. Patterns can be very distracting, you want the focus of your images to be that beautiful baby belly not the pattern of your partners favourite shirt. Think about choosing clothes that have a somewhat classic and timeless look. Another reason to avoid patterns.
  • Please bring in accessories such as baby bootees, special teddy, scan photo,  headbands, scarves, jewellery etc.
  • Mum’s to be often worry about stretch marks and weight gain, but you needn’t worry, we will ensure you look your best.  You can choose to have your maternity photo shoot alone, with family, or a combination, the choice is yours.  If you have any questions about our maternity shoots please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Newborn portrait session for your baby from 4 days to 3 weeks of their birth, the earlier the better.
  • If possible try to keep baby awake on the morning of the session.   Ideally we need baby to be deeply asleep, which we hope to achieve once you’re here,  for the cutest photographs.
  • Try to time a feed for when you arrive at the studio.  Again this will help with encouraging baby to sleep.
  • Please don’t use oils or lotions on the baby on the day of the session.  We can smooth baby’s skin on the computer after if necessary.
  • If you are bottle feeding baby please bring extra milk for the session.  The room will be very warm and babies may want to drink more also it helps with comforting.
  • Please bring blankets from home, having their own blanket can help to settle baby.
  • We appreciate dummies are not popular with everyone but just for the time baby is in the studio it can really help to settle baby in-between shots. It might be something you could consider.
  • As we mentioned earlier the room will get warm.  Can we advise that you wear loose layers that you can take off if you get too warm.
  • Please allow yourselves enough time for the session.  The majority of time will be spent feeding and settling baby.  The actual photography might only take a total of 30/40 minutes. The average time in total is round about two to three hours.
  • Bring along any teddies, hats, headbands, books you might want to have photographed with baby.  We always try to accommodate anything personal with baby.
  • If you would like any siblings on the photographs please make sure you discuss this before the session and we can advise the best way to do include them
  • We appreciate newborn babies are very unpredictable and the above are just suggestions and hints that we have found have helped in previous sessions but can’t always be achieved.
  • If you have any questions at all please call  us at the studio 01274690301

Each session includes your first 7×5 photograph with our compliments.

Sessions are by appointment only and subject to availability, so please call us to arrange your shoot.  Better still for newborn make the appointment early, for a few days after your due date.  (we’re very flexible on dates so can change with little notice)





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